About Us

Desnav Navigation Solutions is owned and managed by Fluxway International Close Corporation:

* Registration Number: 2007/061215/23
* Registration Date: 26/03/2007
* Registrar: CIPRO (Companies & Intellectual Property Registration Office)
* Member of the DTI Group (Department of Trade & Industry)

Desnav Navigation Solutions offers a wide range of navigation software and maps for many countries and regions. Our powerful yet easy to use software includes several unique features to enhance the user experience of our customers which has been developed by a dedicated team of designers and engineers. With many years experience in the navigation market, we are able to provide our customers with accurate information and recommendations in order to better assist your experience with our products.

How we work

Our online store includes fully automated services such as; searching & finding a product, placing an order, auto generated invoice etc.. These automatic tools help us keep our prices low, passing these savings to our customers. Our "State of the Art" tools like Product Search, Featured Products, New Products, Specials & Product Comparison help our customers find exactly what they need, in no time!

Pre / After Sales Services

We offer free advice on product compatibility but it remains the customer's responsibility to ensure that the product ordered is correct to fits his/hers needs. Our web site also offers as much information as possible on all our product pages. This information description is a great informative tool to help decide the best suited product/s.

Basically we provide all the necessary information, you choose what's right for you!

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