Secure Payment (Paypal)

We accept Paypal as our preferred payment method..

Paypal is a fast and safe payment method for both Desnav as well as for our customers. Our online store integrates with Paypal so when you're placing your order and checking-out with Paypal, the whole process is handled by our system which will then redirect your browser to Paypal's secure website to complete the transaction. By paying with your Paypal account, your credit card details are only transmitted to Paypal and never to, you will then need to verify and confirm your order details and authorize payment on the Paypal website. Once the transaction has been completed, you will be redirected to our webstore, your new order will appear under "My orders" and the status will automatically state "payment accepted". The process is fully automated, secure and extremely user friendly, just follow the online instructions!

For more information about Paypal or to open a Paypal account, please visit


Kindly note that even though Paypal offers a secure payment method, we still need to run additional checks from our side to ensure that the payment is coming from the Paypal account owner and not from a fraudster. You will only receive your serial number after we've completed our investigation which is usually done within 48 hours although in reality these checks are completed within a few hours. Once your payment has been validated to our satisfaction, you will immediately receive an update with your serial number which you may then use to activate your Desnav software.