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10 Reasons to Choose a Decent Shower System for Your Smart House

10 Reasons to Choose a Decent Shower System for Your Smart House

Technology is all around us these days, and that’s not something bad since the quality of life is dramatically improved thanks to various gadgets with smart functions. Without a doubt, a smart house is the most complex and helpful system that we currently have available to maximize the benefits of technology. And in every smart house system, every aspect should be covered, from locking the front door, all the way to the shower facilities. We won’t bother you with answers to questions like “ what is a smart house?” since we know our readers are already versed in such subjects. Instead, we’re going to focus on the advantages of a good shower system.

It Gives You a Personalized Shower Experience

The whole purpose of the smart house technology is to make you more comfortable at home. Giving you the possibility to customize the shower experience to perfection, a perfect shower system will allow you to have full control over parameters like water temperature, duration of the shower, create individual programs for each family member, and many more. Remember those Sci-Fi movies where the character would walk in the shower, and then a full cycle started automatically? That’s exactly what you get now.

Alexa Connectivity for Getting Things Done

The main advantage of smart house gadgets is their extraordinary connectivity. For example, connecting your shower to Alexa will allow you to control the shower right after you wake up – extra-useful in those cold winter days when the floor is freezing. Or, the other way around, you can check out the weather, have your schedule read out to you, or send SMS messages through Alexa while you’re in the bathroom.

Provides Extra Safety

If you go for a state-of-the-art shower system, you will get more than just automatic showers with no stress whatsoever. Since all devices in a smart house communicate with each other through over-the-air technology, your bathroom is future-proofed and a lot safer, avoiding accidents like leaving the water running.

Your Bath Can Be Ready for You When Walk Through the Door

Just like smart house lighting turns on the lights the moment you open the door, a smart shower will be able to have the perfect bath ready for you. You could easily tell it to fill the bathtub at a certain hour, set the water temperature, and even how much water you want.

Taking Care of All Family Members

Like all smart house systems, a nice one will allow you to provide better care for all family members. For example, you can create showering programs for your children or older people so that you make sure they don’t accidentally turn the hot water to the max or switch to cold water in the middle of a relaxing shower.

Extremely Easy to Install in Your Smart House

Installing a smart shower system is as easy as playing the Book of Ra online. You just set it up, connect it to the water source and to the central command system in your smart house, and you’re good to go. It’s a lot simpler to check it for issues thanks to the several sensors inside it.

Get More Free Time

With a traditional shower, you would lose some time until the water gets hot, then some more time trying to adjust the proper temperature. A smart shower will get the temperature right automatically and notify you when it’s time to jump in for an excellent experience.

Enjoy More Relaxation

Thanks to all the features brought by one of these models, you can make the entire process a lot more relaxing by being able to control the light in the bathroom, the room temperature, and even the music if you installed speakers as well.

Say No to Wet Floors

Another advantage of integrating the entire bathroom into a smart house system is the ability to set-up the floor heating to start right when you get out so that there will be no more wet floors to worry about. Furthermore, you will prevent any accidents from happening like someone slipping on the wet floor.

An Easier Morning Routine

By installing one of these products in your home, you will be able to maintain a morning routine with more comfort. The program can be easily set-up for each day, so you will slowly start to appreciate these hours and become a better morning person.

The best part about all this is that you don’t have to take our word for it. You can already test smart shower systems at local providers, and governments are offering a lot of platforms to make smart houses more accessible to the wide public. What do you think? Are a smart house and a likewise shower a good idea, or are they just a passing technology? We’d love to hear your thoughts, share with us in the comment section!


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