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4 Emerging Laptop Trends That Changed the Year 2019

4 Emerging Laptop Trends That Changed the Year 2019

Laptops are gadgets that always come in new and powerful packages all wrapped in attractive designs. Pc makers have been doing great these past years. They have pushed away all the useless features that consumers didn’t want and focused on what matters the most. 

Most consumers want the lastest, high-end technology to feel the best working experience ever. And they are ready to pay for that. That’s exactly what big brand names have understood. By paying attention to end-users’ needs, manufacturers like Asus or Huawei were able for example to deliver ultra-thin products. 

Below are 4 emerging laptop trends that you definitively don’t want to miss. 

But before we delve into this let’s check out the most important features that make most today’s laptops a breeze. 


  • Storage: SSD or HDD:

    SSDs (Solid State drives) get popular these past years and are now praised by many users. When introduced years ago, only a few people were understanding the importance of this technology. 

As time goes by, manufacturers and geeks demonstrated how useful they are.  SSDs are flash storage.  They are faster than Hard Disk Drives and execute operations in less time.  On the other hand, if you have more storage, consider using them both. 

  • Screen resolution

    It is an important asset in several activities. We talk about video editing for designers or games for example.  A laptop doesn’t have to integrate the latest display resolution but a minimum of 1920 x 1080 or HD screen is required today. This improves the readability of web pages and comments. 


  • Graphics card:

      More and more applications run under powerful graphics cards today. Gamers are not the only people who are looking for the most reliable ones.  And while integrated cards may be a good fit, most manufacturers now incorporate discrete cards in their hardware. Systems have a much easier time to operate actions with discrete cards. 


  • Portability:

      Users who are on the road almost constantly, know how important is to have compact and lightweight laptops. The portability is a feature that can break or build the reputation of a brand. Most buyers prefer slim laptops rather than heavyweight products. 


  • CPU speed and type

    If there’s a parameter that always catches the attention of consumers, is CPU. The faster the better. Intel is the leading manufacturer of CPUs. Their processors are not only faster but strong enough to handle complex projects and applications. In addition to these, processors offer a better lifespan today. 


  • Webcam location:

    It might sound cheesy but the webcam’s placement does matter in computers. It is even more true now, given that some PC makers have shifted the webcam at different positions. You can find a webcam inside the keyboard for instance. 


  • USB type-c port:  It comes with a lot of new features or functionalities. One of the major ones is reversibility. You’ll no longer think about the correct orientation when plugging it.  They also transfer data and electricity much faster. Moreover, USB Type-C ports can output HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort all in one USB port. 


  • Cooling options:

    This can be turn out to be a serious drawback if you’re not careful. To reduce the size of laptops, manufacturers opt for products that have no fans but rely on alternative methods. However, this decision is not advantageous to users as fanless computers lead to overheating. Moreover, these products deal with thermal throttling. This is the phenomenon that happens when the CPU in its effort to cool down the temperature, limits the clock speeds. 


  • RAM:

      8GB is the basic requirement in most laptops today. With 8 GB, you can do multitasking without worrying about any unplanned shutdown. You can open several tabs in a browser while listening to music or playing video games.  16 GB is another great option and it’s quite affordable. 






    Previous years were packed with tons of promises and announcements.  Designers and engineers worked hard to produce slim laptops. This was one of the main priorities of most big names in the industry. Companies like Asus or Huawei pushed the limits of thinnest once more. With its Zenbook S13 launched in March, Asus combines comfort and lightweight.  A 13-inch laptop weighs no more than 1.15 KG and integrates an i5 or i7 Intel Core as well as 16 GB RAM. The Huawei Matebook 13 comes with interesting features too. It weighs less than 1.50kg equipped with an Intel core i5 processor. 



      Laptops in 2019 have more to offer. Gamers are no more obliged to configure laptops to have better gaming experience.  With computers like Asus Mothership, pro gamers are definitively satisfied. The manufacturer built a portable product that complies with the most important features of gaming laptops. This tablet comes with built-in advanced gaming hardware. Users can now play whenever they want to. 



    This is by far one of the best features of this year. They briefly appeared 03 years ago. At that time, only a few customers were aware of that innovation. But this year is different. OLEDs (Organic LEDs) are found on different laptops. The screens are useful for people who watch a lot of movies, for video editors or gamers. So if you fall into that group, then an OLED screen is for you. The 15-inch spectre x360 15 of HP brings a wonderful OLED display. Other brands like Lenovo with their Yoga C730 brought similar technology too. But the OLED display is still very expensive. 



    This is one of the biggest surprises in the industry. Many brands opted for AMDs processor this year instead of Intel and we hope will continue. That’s because, with that new level of competition, Intel processors will run faster. The Chromebooks HP 14 and Acer 315 are amongst the first products of that category powered by AMD processors.  Additionally, AMD’s mobile GPU is incorporated in Asus’ new TUF gaming lineup. 

We have just highlighted some trending laptop features in this post. There are many more to come in the next months.  However such innovations are expensive and you should be prepared to spend around $1100 if you want to be part of this project. 



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