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6 Calls to Action Plugins for WordPress Website

6 Calls to Action Plugins for WordPress Website

If you want to do something for your readers, you have to wonder. This is the entire philosophy behind adding to your page a powerful call to increase click through actions.

However, what is essential to note is that the way you request is just as necessary as first as seeking. WordPress GPL calling to CTR plugins is all about offering you the authority to “question” your readers in the way you get the highest possible level of Conversation.

  1. Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is a plugin for WordPress and it helps to increase converts by implementing the most efficient advertising concept- motivation. We’re all scared to miss out. This plugin enables start timer and stop timer features to improve the CTR. You can further increase changes by adding speed to your CTA, like a clock timer.

It comes with a variety of templates that are professionally built. From time timers, widgets, and flying flags, you can choose which let you to do something new with your engaged readers. And user can customize each and every template by drag and drop. Just press to edit any item, fixed custom colors, backdrop pictures, and more.


  • Easy customization with the Visual Editor Campaign styles
  • Fixed Date / Recurring / Multi-Page Countdown Timer
  • Multiple Trigger Types Mobile Responsive Designs


  1. Thrive leads

Thrive Leads is a powerful plugin to create a list. Asking visitors to sign up to your list is a direct call to action, and Thrive Leads provides you with so many opportunities to do that.

Lightbox popups, sticky ribbons, inline forms, slide-in forms, and both 1-step and 2-step opt-in forms can be displayed on the front side.

You can also use multi-state opt-in methods to bring your calls to the next stage. When you request in your opt-in types a straightforward “Yes” or “No” query, your guests will have to choose before you submit your email sign-up. And the first stage on the road to transformation is a “Yes.”


  • A/B Testing: Test different form types against each other
  • Smart links: Show different content to existing subscribers
  • Various opt-in form types such as ribbon, lightboxes, inline, widgets, and slide-ins
  • Supports multi-state opt-in forms
  • Reporting dashboard gives you essential insights
  1. Notification bar pro

WP Notification Bar Pro is a WordPress plugin that shows a smooth notification bar on your page with notifications and alerts. Add your call to intervention message to help you in expanding your email list, handling marketing promotions, boosting your social media, or extend your site’s crowd to particular websites.

There are many distinct kinds of notification bars in the plugin. For example, Text and Link, Post Content, Subscribe Box, Countdown Timer, Social Media Follow, and Search Form. Attach your unique call to the event email to whatever Form you choose.


  • Easy to Use
  • Lightweight
  • Unlimited Notification Bars
  • Multiple Notification Types
  • Fixed or Absolute Position
  • Includes 18 Social Networks
  • Display on selected Posts / Pages
  • Endless Color Choice
  • Custom HTML Support
  1. Shortcodes ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is a secure, shortcode-packed WordPress plugin. The shortcodes allow you to create tabs, buttons, boxes, various sliders, responsive videos, and more. The shortcode generator is available in the WP post editor once it has been installed. Just click the Shortcode Insert button and select your preferences.


  • 50+ amazing short codes
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Fully responsive
  • Custom CSS editor
  • Custom widget
  • Works with any theme
  • Easily extendable
  1. WordPress Call to Action

WordPress Calls to Action is a free plugin for WordPress. A list of ready-made templates comes with this plugin. You can use them directly out of the store or customize them using the visual editor. You can also use HTML software to build your smart templates from scratch. Once you have chosen a CTA for your post or page, you can perform an AB test by simply cloning your design and making a color or text change. The plugin save all the information so that you can check the users’ behaviors.

Using standard WordPress options, the CTA forms can be placed inline in your posts and pages and a sidebar widget area. You can use the full-screen popup function if you’re searching for better results. The CTA types can either take visitors to a landing page or record email numbers through a 2-step opt-in.


  • Create lovely calls to intervention on your WordPress page
  • Visual editor to display modifications
  • Create Popups Calls to actions for enhanced transformation prices
  • Track transformation prices on your calls to response for continuous development
  • Clone current calls to response and operates A / B Split trials on differences Implement your unique request to intervention layout or use the built-in libraries
  1. Simple Side Tab

Simple Side Tab is a free WordPress plugin that provides a link to any page on your site with a Global Call to Action. Unlike the other plugins, only one message can be added, placed on the left or right side of the browser window in a vertical tab. As your guest walks down the website, the tab remains in position, so it is always noticeable and prepared for intervention. As the title indicates, the Simple Side Tab is simple to use and configuration. You can display the name for the tab, select your fonts and styles, and connect to the target URL from a straightforward configuration panel.


  • Assign the tab to the left or right of your browser window
  • Change your tab’s vertical position Choose from unlimited colors for tab elements.
  • Choose fonts – includes seven standard screen fonts set the URL to which your tab links, internal or external assign the tab to the left or right of your browser window Change your tab’s vertical position Choose from unlimited colors for tab elements.

Now, you are aware of the 6 call to action plugins for WordPress websites.

Conclusion –  Tracking CTR is really important to grow the business and know the behaviors of visitors. After knowing their act we get the right direction to make a strategy which can help us out to grow fast and make our performance better. Ask questions below in comment section.

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