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7 Best Video Editing Apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad Users

7 Best Video Editing Apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad Users

There are many video editing software available for desktops that offer effective video editing services. What if you wanted to quickly edit your videos that you have taken using your phone and you are nowhere near your desktop? You can easily do this using video editing apps for Android, iPhones, and iPads.

These apps are feature-filled and quite convenient to work with. This post will explore 7 video editing apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Read on to see which one works for you.

  1.     FilmoraGo


Number one on my list of video editor apps is FilmoraGo. This is a great app popular to many users. It has all the primary functions like trimming, cutting, adding themes, music, among others. The software is easy to use allowing users to make square 1:1 videos for Instagram, 16:9 videos for Youtube, create reverse videos, add transitions, slow motion, text, and other editing tools to beautify your videos. Most of its features are free although it has some in-app purchases. Although it displays a wordmark at the end of the video, it can be removed with an upgrade.

  1.     Adobe Premiere Clip


This is one of the best video editor apps for Android users which allows you to edit videos right from your device. The app makes editing videos fast and easy. Its notable feature is the automatic video creation capability, which allows you to automatically create videos with any clip or photos. On top of that, the video editor app has multiple video editing features for trimming, cutting, adding transitions, music, filters, effects, and many other options. You can freely download the app and it doesn’t have ads. Users can also share their videos on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

  1.     VideoShow

This nifty Android app has received numerous awards and is one of the best video editing apps available freely in the Play Store. The editor is easy to use and reliable making its interface user-friendly. Besides its basic functionalities, you can also add effects on your video to beautify it. You can also add text, music or sound effects, and perform live dubbing. The app has 50+ themes available and videos can be reduced by compressing. This doesn’t distort the quality of the video and there are no video duration limits. It’s a great alternative for FilmoraGowith support for almost all Android devices. It also has a blurred background and options to adjust audio speed.

  1.     PowerDirector Video Editor App

This video editor app is fully featured with an easy-to-use timeline interface. However, it makes take you some time to get used to the controls. If you succeed to master this app, it will allow you to create effect-rich and professional videos very fast. The beauty of this video editor app is its 30 different effects and transition effects to pick from and add to your video. The app also allows you to create beautiful green screen videos. PowerDirector has tutorial videos for all of its functions. The free version has most of its features, but with an upgrade, you can remove the watermark, ads, and extract videos in 1080 and 4K resolutions.

  1.     iMovie

You can’t possibly list video editor apps for iOS without mentioning the iMovie video editor. This is the best video app for iPhone and iPad users. The interface may look overwhelming, but after some time, you’ll get used to it and you will enjoy all its features. The two major features that you are likely to benefit from are its 8 themes with complete matching titles, transitions, and music. It also has 10 different filters to pick from and built-in music and sound effects allow users to compose a movie’s soundtrack. You can also access music from your library, or your narration.

  1.     Videorama Video Editor

This is another solid video editing app for iPhone and iPad users after you’ve downloaded and installed the app, it offers three different video orientations to choose from including landscape, portrait, or square. The square size is great for Instagram users. Its notable feature is the ability to download free videos and photos from Pixabay. Using this video editing app allows users to download video effects, sound effects, and copyright-free music. From the editing timeline, you will access different editing tools adding text, photos, music, and filters.

  1.     Quik

If you are looking for a solid tool to create a video montage with a couple of taps, the Quik from GoPro will do you justice. Rather than being your usual video editing app, it brings about different media files for customizable results. You’ll need to select a theme and its soundtrack, after importing media files. Music icons can also be selected at the bottom of the screen so that you can add your track. You can also select different built-in templates, with their graphics and music.


To perfect your videos and make them presentable and professional, you need these editor apps. The best thing is that most of them are freely available with tons of video editing features to make your videos look good at every angle. Although this is not the only apps for both iOS and Android devices, they have notable few to be used by both professional and amateur videographers. Check them out to see what works for you in your mobile development.

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