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7 Important Reasons Why Java is Better than Python

7 Important Reasons Why Java is Better than Python

When it comes to choosing an efficient and versatile programming language, you can hardly find one better than Java or Python. These are the two most popular programming languages in the world and they have been dominating the IT industry for the last few years.

Choosing one programming language over another is not an easy task, as both of them come with some amazing features required to develop advanced IT products like websites and software. However, despite having some advanced and useful features, both of the programming languages have merits and flaws and here we will highlight comparison between Java vs Python and talk about 7 important reasons why Java is better than Python.


Java and Python

Java is a concurrent programming language used for general purposes. This object-oriented programming language can be used on any platform. Python, on the other hand, is a dynamically-typed programming language and it has been designed as higher level language and it can establish a connection between C and the shell.

Both Java and Python have similarities in many ways, as both of them come with object-oriented design and provide cross-platform support along with deep standard libraries. However, users can encounter a number of differences between these two programming languages and these differences make Java better than Python for the users. Have a look at the reasons why Java is better than python through Python vs Java performance.

  1. Speed

Java is faster than Python and that is why users always prefer this programming language. Developers for whom the speed of the project matters always choose Java as their programming language. Python, on the other hand, works as an interpreter and the programming language also determines which type of data is being used at run time. Better speed means improved performance that makes Java a better programming language even in this highly competitive market and speed makes huge difference between Java and Python.

  1. Write Once and Run Anywhere

Java is an object-oriented programming language and it follows “write once and run anywhere’ policy. This feature makes it a portable programming language that comes with an independent platform for easy transfer. It uses a sandbox to run the programs without any memory point explicitly. These kind features are quite useful when it comes to developing highly-functional software, website or any IT products.

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Python, on the other hand, is an interpreted programming language is it is slower than Java. It is not as good as Java when it comes to mobile computing. Since python is a dynamic programming language, it displays errors at the run time.

  1. Portability

When it comes to portability, Java acts better than Python and Java’s high portability rate makes it one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Java programs can be operated on any operating system, where JVM is installed. The feature makes Java an independent platform and a popular programming language for the IT professionals.

Like Java Python is also portable, but its portability rate is not as impressive as Java and that is why it stands behind when it comes to preferring the best programming language with better portability rate.

  1. Database

Java is widely popular for its highly-efficient database connectivity, as it JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) database has widely been used to connect the database. The database connectivity is a programming interface for Java we development programming language and its connectivity tool called JDBC defines how a user can access a database. The JDBC is a part of Standard Edition platform of Java and it makes data access easy for the users.

If you compare Python’s database with Java through Java vs Python, you will find that Python’s database connectivity is weaker than JDBC and that why it is not as popular as Java’s JDBC.


  1. User-Friendly

Java is one of the easiest programming languages to use in the industry. This programming language comes with no dynamic programming concept and its codes are longer. This makes Java a user-friendly programming language for the developers.

If you compare the functionality of Java with Python, you will see that Python coding is short and that makes the process of development slow for the users. Another disadvantage of Python is that it follows dynamic programming codes that are not easy to understand for the beginners. Their indentation makes it difficult for developers to understand it.

  1. Java is great for Enterprise Computing

Java comes with great ability to handle enterprise computing and that is why the programming language is still popular among the IT professionals. It comes with basic syntax, which is compatible with any other C-based languages. Users often use EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) technology for the Java Platform to handle enterprise computing in a better and efficient way.

The EJB technology helps users to simplify the process of development and distribution. Python is less efficient in the process of developing complex enterprise programs and that paves the way for Java to become the industry-favourite.

  1. Overall Functionality

Java is more efficient than Python and it enjoys better enduring refactoring support than python. Java comes with a static type system that enables it to deliver better functionality. Java is also compatible with new age programming languages like Groovy, Scala, JRuby etc.

Although python comes with handy tools and extensive library along with its auto-installed shell, it is not as good as Java in the field of IT product development. Python does not have any commercial support point and it is also not a native to the mobile environment. Python is considered as a weak programming language for mobile computing. And if a mobile app developer think that what can I do with Python, the person will find that leading mobile operating systems like Android and iOS do not consider python as their official programming language. The issue of threading is another problem in Python. The Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) makes it difficult for users to use Python for threading.

In addition, Java’s legacy is far better than Python and users who have preferred Python may find it difficult to cope and paste codes.


Both Java and Python come with some noteworthy benefits and they are also powerful and efficient in their own fields and that makes them two of the most popular programming languages in the world. People often think that why is Python so popular in the industry, however, the fact is that since Java is fast, mobile-friendly and portable, it enjoys a better reputation than Python in Java vs Python comparison.

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