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8 Tech Gadgets Ruling the IT Sector

8 Tech Gadgets Ruling the IT Sector

When you are the person who insists on having the best gadgets in life, then the money is certainly no object. If you are ready to splash the cash on the crème de la crème of innovative technology, you will have to make sure that you are truly getting the finest gear available in the market.

To help you overcome the problem of researching your superior-tech set, we have collated a list of the best tech gadgets that rule the IT world in 2019. It is the best of best.

These are a must if you want to be called a professional.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

It has been voted that Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the best phone on the market for 2019 for a number of reasons, but to mention one, the phone has an amazing low-light camera. The brand has been making a big deal about the camera on the S9 range and for good reasons. You get the dual 12 MP cameras on the back that have an impressive f/1.5 maximum aperture. This smartphone is all about the best screen and the best camera.

The phone is famous for its ‘infinity’ screen. The S9 Plus has features that are hard to find in other mobile phones, comparing to the price range that S9 comes in. The smartphone will give you one of the great clicks even if you are working in a very low light surrounding.

  • Huawei MateBook X Pro

This laptop is considered to be one of the best one money can buy in 2019. While the brand Huawei hasn’t been making laptops for quite some time, but it has definitely knocked it out with the MateBook X Pro.

It is undoubtedly a gorgeously designed laptop that has a stunning screen and comes with cutting edge components that allow the device to perform brilliantly. It has an amazing battery life that runs rings around a lot of the other competitors.

  • Samsung Q9FN QLED

Samsung QLED has really leveled up their game with the technical aspects. The TV provides for an even brighter and more colorful screen when compared to other flagships TVs of Samsung or any other brands. With the Full Array Local Dimming rather than the LED lighting Samsung Q9FN certainly has everything to be included in the list of the top gadgets. However, many innovative brands like TCL LED are giving serious competition to Samsung, but the South Korean manufacturer knows how to throw technology like the HDR10+ and the QHDR Elite Max in the market.

  • Apple AirPods

Apple launched the second generation of its AirPods wireless earbuds and though the design didn’t change a bit, it still is one of the best options on the market. The new ones come with improved battery life, where you get three hours of talk time, and a wireless charging case for quickly boosting their power. If you are an iPhone user then you will definitely love this device, whereas it gets easily connected to the Android devices too.

  • PS4 Pro

The battle between the Sony’s Playstation and the Microsoft Xbox series has been hard-fought, but PS4 Pro has taken the lead this time with the Xbox, all thanks to the combination of the good hardware, great games and the online offering of the console.

The PS4 Pro supports the 4k and HDR technologies that are a plus with the advances being done in the frame rate due to the processing speeds, the gaming will look cleaner, crisper and smoother.

  • iPad Pro 11

If you want to spend your money on something that you wouldn’t regret ever, then you should definitely buy the finer tablet than ever. The iPad Pro 11 comes with the folio keyboard case, the large touchscreen that makes it even easier to use.

Many of the grumbles from the earlier version of iPads have been ironed out in this one. The Apple Pencil connects to the tablet magnetically, the speakers come with the oomph to match the larger ratio of the device, and the screen-to-body ratio has been improved.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch

We all know how it is all about being fit these days, and since you have such potable technology available to you, then why not. Following on from the Gear S3 series and the Gear Sport in 2017, the Samsung Galaxy Watch comes at a much-improved level with the predecessor and it surely knocks off the Apple Watch from the top section.

You get a 46mm version of the Galaxy Watch that will give you rock-solid four-day battery life. It has an increasingly capable wearable OS and the rotating bezel used in the smartwatch works like a charm when it comes to navigation.