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Airhorn Solutions Discord Bot Guide (Ultimate Guide)

Airhorn Solutions Discord Bot Guide (Ultimate Guide)

What is Airhorn Solutions Discord Bot?

If you have been looking for a revolutionary bot that changes the way you play games and communicates with other players, Airhorn Solutions Discord Bot is the ultimate solution. As Discord team claims, it is truly the only Discord bot you will ever need.

It is one of the superb bots produced to date. It has offered a plethora of uses and new features to gaming enthusiasts. This discord bot can be used for any and every game such as Overwatch, CS: GO, Apex Legends, etc.

Airhorn Solutions Discord bot allows you to say goodbye to other channels of communication during gaming, such as Skype and Timespeak.

Official release


Airhorn Solutions Discord bot officially released on April 1, 2016, by Discord team.

Since its release, it has developed a user list of some 450 thousand players. Even after almost four years, the number is still growing rapidly, and the credit goes to the unique features and uses it delivers.

What’s new in Airhorn Solutions Discord Bot?

We come across this question quite frequently. What’s new in Airhorn Solutions Discord Bot that makes it unique and different from other gaming bots?

Open-sourced bot

The very first thing that makes Airhorn bot unique is it uses actual API tools but is a free, open-sourced bot. What’s better than getting a Discord bot free that helps you enjoy interesting musical sounds and memes? Nothing.

Other features

The list of other unique features includes:

  • Outgoing webhooks
  • Incoming webhooks
  • Autocomplete slash commands
  • Granular OAuth
  • Built-in integrations

You might not get these useful features free in other gaming, musical bots. Airhorn Solutions is the only bot solution to enjoy such features at no cost.

How to use Airhorn Solutions?

Using Airhorn Solutions is not as challenging as it appears to. It comes with two main components:

  1. A bot client
  2. A webserver

Bot client deals with playing the Airhorn commands while the web server handles the implementation of granular OAuth and Airhorn stats. Following step-by-step guide explains the usage of Airhorn Solutions Discord bot:

Step 1. Add it to your server

In the very first step, you need to add Airhorn Solutions Discord bot to your gaming server. For that, you can visit Airhorn Solutions Discord official website and download the bot.

Step 2. Run the bot

To run the bot, first, you need to install the bot using the following command:

go get install

Secondly, you need to run the following command:

bot -r “localhost:6379” -t “MY_BOT_ACCOUNT_TOKEN” -o OWNER_ID

Step 3. Run the webserver

To run the webserver, first, you need to install the server:

go install

Then, you have to run make static. Following that, run the following command:

./airhornweb -r “localhost:6379″ -i MY_APPLICATION_ID -s ‘MY_APPLICATION_SECRET”

Airhorn solutions command list

There is no Airhorn Solutions command list available on any online source. The commands are only present in the source list, and so, we gathered them into a command list here for you.

How do Airhorn Solutions Command Work?

However, before we get into the list, you need to know how Airhorn Solutions commands work.

Commands can function in two ways:

  • With suffix
  • Without suffix

If you choose command without a suffix, the bot plays any random clip from the available audios for that command. When you add an optional suffix to command, you can specifically choose which audio clip you want to play under certain commands.

Note that some commands come with aliases. This means the command is going to play the same clip with as well as without suffix. For instance, !johncena and !cena.

Here’s how you can use commands with and without a suffix.

Without suffix: !airhorn

With suffix: !airhorn reverb

Command list





















horn 3


































What do you need to know?

It is important for you to know that the bot dies if you spam it.

To avoid that, it is advised to limit yourself to three commands at a time only. After spamming, the bot often becomes unresponsive. In that case, you need to remove the bot from the server and then reinstall it. Only then, its functionality is restored.

Also, if the bot is experiencing sudden downtime, it tends to go offline, meaning it does not respond to your commands. In this case, give it a little time until downtime passes. Do not rush to remove the bot.

Other top discord bots

If you are looking for some other top Discord bots, here’s all you need to know.

1.      Aethex

Aethex is the most adaptable Discord bot that serves multiple purposes. It features:

  • Utility commands
  • Music commands
  • Other fun commands

With its level-based social system, it also helps in higher engagement and more users.

2.      dabBot

dabBot is purely a music Discord bot. It allows you to use high-quality audio from different music streams such as YouTube, Sound cloud, UK Radio Stations, and more.

3.      AnthBot

AnthBot is a lot more than just a musical Discord bot. It offers various features such as notifications, greater control over the server, and enhanced member interaction. You can easily issue commands for better server administration.


Airhorn Solutions Discord bot is a great thing to add to your gaming console. Due to its innovative features and unique characteristics, it became popular in no time. Adding it to your server is relatively easier than any other bot. With a variety of commands to choose from, you can have great musical and memes experience as you play your favorite game.

Get Airhorn Solutions Discord bot today and double the fun!

If not, you can choose from other top discord bots to experience better gaming and more excitement.