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Best WordPress plugins of 2019

Best WordPress plugins of 2019

A plugin is a software piece with various functions and is occasionally added to the WordPress website. New features together with functionality are added to WordPress. WordPress is an online website tool which is more often written in PHP. Most bloggers, business owners, photographers, artists, and the press use the WordPress platform for their websites.  The WordPress platform is free. A WordPress plugin is a software app that will allow you to upload new features to your website thus increasing its functionality. It is written in a programming language (PHP) which is analyzed by WordPress. The plugins are as follows:

  • Tiny MCE Advanced:

This plugin helps you to locate the backend content which has been created and cannot be located on the toolbar. It makes it easier to manipulate the visual editor toolbar in a way that you can rearrange the buttons; you can add the buttons and even remove them.

This makes it easier to compose rows and columns having added the background color, font size, styles, and spacing. It, therefore, becomes easier to button search, using the MCE.

Tiny MCE Advanced

  • Google XML Site Map:

It is an SEO plugin for websites that assists system which is designed to carry out a web search, (search engines) to better their index. A good example of search engines is yahoo, Gmail, Google. The main use of this is to index your search to boost the ranking of your website for a longer period.

  • WP Super Cache:

This WordPress plugin is easy to use and increases the speed at which your website is running. This plugin is also free and often produce the HTML files which will, replace the PHP files in the WordPress site. This means the web server will use the processed HTML file. The main features are, easy to use social proof notification builder

  • Easy customization of things like image and color.
  • It saves your the bandwidth.
  • Yoast SEO:

This website plugin helps you create more meaningful content and its main aim is to improve the ranking of your content in the search results. The created content is friendly and useful to users. The plugin helps you focus on the keywords which in turn improve the visibility of an article in the search engine. Its main features are;

  • It helps to create a website that will automatically update XML sitemaps
  • Previews to see what people are searching on the website.
  • It gives you a way forward once your SEO is optimized.
  • You are provided with a lot of helpful information about a search.

yoast seo

  • Member Press:

WordPress can be used to build his or her own membership site and to make extra money from the recurring sales. It lets you manage members by allowing access to videos, posts, pages, categories, feeds, etc. Some content is limited and accessed on paying. Everything on this site is automatic. The main features of this website are:

  • Payments are done either by use of a MasterCard or PayPal. This is done so that a member remains subscribed.
  • It is very easy to start it up. All that is required is the payment of the subscription fee.
  • The member comes along very many other websites like the Amazon, Alibaba and many others.
  • Use the affiliate program to keep your website alive by branding it well.
  • Woo-Commerce:

This is an open-source WordPress program where e-commerce activities are taking place. There are so many features, customization, and extensions that are built on this platform. To sell a variety of tools that are more physical and customizable, this website is either paid for around $12.95 per month for many key features and packages or one can opt to use the free platform which will have fewer packages as compared to the one which has been paid for. The main features are:

  • There is WordPress integration where you have complete control over your website.
  • There are varieties of things which one can opt to sell. It’s flexible.
  • Payments can be done using, cash on delivery, master cards and BACs.
  • Once you have the website you fully acquire it.


  • Smush Image Compression & Optimization:

In this, you can compress, optimize and resize your entire website image in less than a day. This way your website will load fast. It is thus considered as the best WordPress plugin for image optimization. This can be done when uploading new images to the website. Key features are:

  • Optimization and compression are automated.
  • The quality of the image is still maintained even after optimization
  • The smush server is used in place of the main server.
  • WP Optimizes:

WP optimize is one of the best database cleanup WordPress plugins. By optimizing your WordPress, you increase the speed of performance of the site. The unnecessary data spilling up in the website is removed thus creating more space and reducing the strain of the server. Key features are;

  • The site is completely cleaned
  • It is automatic and mobile-friendly
  • The language used change be changed now and then.
  • Updraft Plus WordPress Backup Plugin:.

This WordPress helps protect your documents from the loss by hackers since the backups are automated and stored in the cloud-like in google drive. If something arises, the website is instantly restored by clicking restore button.

Besides thes above plugins, WordPress security is essential and if you have numerous domains then, Unified communication, (UC), certificate is one of the types found in the SSL certificate. This certificate is built to support several services such as the auto-discover, mail, SMTP, in Microsoft Exchange.