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Gadgets Helping Us Become Well Organized

Gadgets Helping Us Become Well Organized

With each passing day of 21st century humans are becoming more and more high tech. If we move back a decade or 2 we will realise that humans of all age group were not technically sound. Especially children and old age people. Mobiles and tablets were complicated to use and other devices were not very smart

It has been an amazing and drastic evolution of the gadgets. Yes, you read it right! It is not the new generation humans who have evolved. It is the gadgets who have become so smart that they have made humans easily adapt to them.


The main reason behind the evolution of devices and which eventually made them more user-friendly is the integration of IoT and AI. IoT and AI have made devices amazing problem solvers for your multiple problems.

As time is passing by we are getting more and more engrossed with things around us and unfortunately we end up forgetting important things. Spouse’s birthday, Anniversary date probably the deadliest things you can ever dare to forget. Aren’t they?

These days your mobile and tablets keeps on sending popups of important upcoming events like paying bills, renewing memberships, and also some precious moments you spent a year or few ago. It helps you schedule your day so you don’t end up missing something that was important.

Refrigerators and Air conditions have become smart enough to save a lot of bucks contributing to keep your bank balance hefty. IoT can help you control these devices with your voice making sure you don’t have to move around to control them. When these devices

Cars also are getting integrated by IoT and AI and soon you will not have to even touch the steering wheel of your car even to drive it. You command and it will take you to your desired destination.


As time is passing by we are making machines learn the trends humans follow the process commonly known as machine learning, which in return is making machines do tasks for us, hence making our lives easy. Now if you say that these machine learning activities are done by some techie people so how is it influencing common people’s life?

As we all know all human are different and all humans possess different qualities and different trends, feeding these machines with common trends would make life of people who are not using those trends a bit difficult. And these machines would no longer be user friendly.

So when we are doing our daily chores, be it walking to particular market or travelling to office or going to parties on weekends these devices are reading our activities and keeping a track of them because of which it can send us details of some amazing party places on weekends or would show us best possible route to our office if there is an unfortunate congestion.

When we were busy making machine learn and making machine do activities for us we ended up learning many things. We have become better decision makers. Life in some way has become more convenient. Kids can easily operate these devices which gives them the curiosity to learn new things. Old age people are no more dependent on others.



In this whole process of technical advancement sure we have seen a lot advantages of these machines in our life. And it is always good to have something which is making us better on daily basis. So by saying this we trying to convey that all this can do no wrong to us.

If things are not used in a way they are supposed to be used certainly they will come back to haunt us down. Let’s take a look. We all know how important our phone is for us. We cannot even expect to stay away from it. Now the bad impact of all this is we are getting disconnected from the real world and more attached to the real world.

As these IoT machines are connected to the internet all the time they can be misused by someone who want to harm us by hacking these devices. And even if someone doesn’t want to harm us there are bugs which can cause these devices to malfunction.


Something that we need to understand is, there is a very thin line between using and misusing. Anything that is misused can have a bad effect on the entity misusing that device. Something that we can do is secure our machine with mobile protection and electronic protection plan from some trusted companies providing such plans.


Cory Hungate is a writer living in Chicago and currently working for i.e. Consumer Electronic Warranty Provider Company, which also offers total home protection plans.

He is very ardent about his work and has a flair for technology and innovation. He is a total health and fitness enthusiast and in his free time, he enjoys exploring new places.