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Get SSL certified website to protect sensitive information

Get SSL certified website to protect sensitive information

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In the digital era, most businesses opt for digital presence. Ecommerce websites have gained popularity over time as people now love to shop from the comfort of their home. In the case of websites where sensitive information of the customers are dealt with, the website is liable to keep such information safe. SSL acts as the backbone of internet safety. It allows keeping the personal information, such as payment details of the customer safe while it travels from computer to computer through the internet until it reaches the intended address. SSL keeps the information encrypted throughout the process, until it reaches the destination server.

With a lot of options for website designing company, you will find only a few where you will get SSL certificate India for your website. You may find that websites with SSL certification are way costlier than that of non-SSL websites. Well, there is an obvious reason for this. SSL involved encryption of data, transfer of data through secured sources, verification and authentication of company information and so on which makes the process costlier. However, there are more advantages over a privacy website.

While you invest for SSL certified website will be entitled to these benefits:

  • Authentication-

    While a website involves a monetary transaction, it is bound to keep the data of the customer intact. Through this process, the customer will feel protected while making the transaction whereas the intended website will ensure to receive the payment. As we are aware of malicious activities on the internet that are ready to steal sensitive information, only SSL certificate India can save your data and transfer it safely from one source to the intended address.

  • Trust-

    Established web hosting services India offers trusted SSL certification for your website. While a customer logs on to your website, web browsers inform the customer about the security of the website, which in turn helps to build trust with the customer to make an online purchase. For example, when a customer logs on to a web browser, he or she could see a lock sign or ‘secure’ written on the address bar before the website address. This resembles that the website is secured with SSL.

  • PCI compliance-

    While your website accepts credit card payment, it has to go through a process of verification and authentication which is only possible when the website is SSL certified. The certification will enable the website to pass through the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. Therefore for an E-commerce website SSL certification stands must.

So, with these advantages, the SSL certificate plays an important role in gaining trust and securing essential data for the website and customers. However, when your website is secured with SSL, you might face a bit delay in processing the payment transaction. This is because the information is encrypted and protected before it passes through the internet. But such delays are worth it as it saves sensitive data from stealing and make the payment transaction secured. So, if your website is not SSL certified, apply for a certification today.