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How do we Update Garmin GPS Without a Serial Port?

How do we Update Garmin GPS Without a Serial Port?

Those days have gone away when we have to depend on people to ask for the paths but today we have a number of GPS devices through which it is very easy for all of us to travel through unknown routes.

But the thing is, there are many people who said that their GPS is not working fine and the reason they told is GPS is showing the wrong routes.


But that’s not the full truth. Actually, after a certain interval of time, the company used to release the update to fix the bugs and update the maps but users used to ignore that and end up following the wrong paths.

Now, the people who want to update the GPS facing trouble in updating the device without a serial port.

In this guide, we will tell you all the important steps to update Garmin GPS without a serial port. You just have to follow all the steps in the given manner.

Let’s Begin

First We will focus from where you can update Garmin GPS without a serial port

To Update Garmin GPS Without A Serial Port doesn’t need any special training and technicians, you just have to decide what would be better for you and you are capable enough to do that without any outside help.

Why we are saying this because there are many cases in which people end up taking the faulty products from the fake sites.

And hence we recommend you purchase that from the Garmin Map Update official sites in place of going somewhere else.

What most think that by updating the device we will be able to solve all the issues related to Garmin, yes, it is true but not all the time. There could be possibilities that even after updating the device the issue will remain the same and hence that is the reason why we should update Garmin Without a serial port.

Before purchasing the device you should be familiar that which device would be better for you. Because we all are different and we need different navigation devices some need GPS for tracking, some for unknown long paths, some need for normal regular use.

There are many Garmin devices in the market like Garmin Nuvi, Garmin Watches, etc. so select according to you.

Steps To Update Garmin GPS Without A Serial Port 

  • First of all, you have to connect your Garmin device with the operating system with the help of a USB cable. But make sure that the cable is working fine and not being damaged. If found damaged then it would be better if you would replace that with the new one.
  • Now from the Garmin device, you have to look for the available update but before that, you need to download the Garmin Express from the official website of Garmin.
  • After finding the available update for your Garmin device.
  • Now you have to choose the option of which will offer you an update from satellite and then input the Garmin GPS numbers. Yes, if you don’t know the GPS number of your Garmin then it would be hard to update Garmin GPS without a serial port.
  • Soon after you will put the Garmin number, it will automatically tell you about the available update for your device and then you just have to click on the download updates.

And congratulations you have successfully updated the Garmin. And you can enjoy the unknown routes without any trouble.

Garmin is really an amazing device and the trusted one. No matter where you are traveling to, it will suggest you traffic-free roads so that you will not be stuck in the fair of a number of vehicles.

It’s Time To Bye Bye!

In this guide, we had suggested to you all the important points so that you can easily update the Garmin device. And we hope that you will update your Garmin without taking any outside help.

There are many people who ignore the notification to update their Garmin and end up struggling to come out from a number of cars. But if you don’t want that, then it is really very necessary to update the GPS Device.

Actually, after a certain interval of time, the company used to release an update to fix the error and to add new maps. Because new roads have been constructing day by day and that is why it is not possible to find the exact roads every time. And hence we recommend you to update the Garmin.