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How to create a video from photos with an easy online service?

How to create a video from photos with an easy online service?

Photographs from celebrations, holidays, and other festive occasions can perfectly capture the moment. For presentation to relatives and friends, however, it is useful to have everything together, ideally in the form of video. This article will show you how to create such a video from photos step by step.

What software to choose?

The market for photo/video editing is dominated by very complicated, large, and quite expensive programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Zoner Photo Studio, Sony Vegas Pro, and more. But for converting photos to a video, they are about as good as the famous cannon against the mosquito. There are a number of simple and user-friendly programs that specialize in this activity.


To create a video, I chose a very popular online platform called FlexClip. The modern design, clear interface, pre-made styles, and many other elements make it a great helper. Thus, the user suffices to prepare photographs, music files, and possibly several wordings.

FlexClip allows you to access video creation at several different levels of engagement. It is up to the user how much he wants to influence the result. You can adjust the display times of individual photos, transitions between slides, write captions, and more. However, it is also possible to just insert files, select some of the themes, and start compiling. After previewing, just render and save the video.

1. Visit FlexClip

Clicking on the “Get Started – Free” icon on the homepage of the FlexClip website and log in to your account. If you did not register it before, you could choose to connect with your Facebook or Google account.

2. Create a project

After logging in, you will enter the “My Project” page where you can create new projects or just start from a template. Here I choose to start from scratch.

3. Insert photos

Clicking the “Start From Scratch” opens the editing canvas where the user selects the best photos and customize them. Somewhat annoyed by the fact that you cannot use the drag & drop method, which would simplify things a lot.add imagesTo add photos stored on your computer, you just need to click on the “Add Local Media” from the storyboard at the bottom. Then choose the photos you want to use one by one.

4. Photo editing

After inserting images, several buttons at the top of the menu are activated. Photos can be rotated, zoomed in or out, and have some animations applied.

For every photo slide on the storyboard, you can randomly change their order, remove them, or duplicate as needed.

5. Music selection

In FlexClip, the user can select their desired music, either from the local disk or from the online stock music selectionThe music is editable. The user can cut it to select the best part, adjust the volume, and set the loop playback.

6. Add text

The text is one of the essential things for turning photography into a video. FlexClip offers dozens of different styles to suit a variety of purposes. Moreover, each text style can be edited to suit your needs by changing the color, font, size, etc.


Through a preview, the user will find out whether or not they are satisfied with the video.


One of the last steps is to export your created video. Click on the “Export Video” button and then add a title and select an aspect ratio.

Sum up

If you are looking for an easy and useful tool to turn your photos into animated videos, FlexClip is one of the easiest and free platforms to try out.