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How To Fix Brother Printer Error 48

How To Fix Brother Printer Error 48

Some major brands like brother printers are offering a variety of printers in the market. Their products are delivering a very high and reliable quality performance like no other in their competition.

Brothers are known for providing amazing features that are very user-friendly. Their service is outstanding because they are very easy to install and operate. Although, every technology can go wrong or get faulty once in a while and you can see some errors flashing on the screen.

Some of these errors include brother printer error 48. The machine may malfunction and you can face this error.

These machines are designed in a way where they are made to show the error and pinpoint what is the error about. This is going to let you know the issue and it is going to become very easy to troubleshoot.

What is the Brother printer error 48?

There are so many errors that are generated by the brother printers and among one such error that goes by the number 48. This error indicates that the circuit board or head cable is either completely broken or severely damaged.

You are going to see the message such as ‘unable to print 48’. This error is flashed on the screen due to the following reasons.

  • There might be objects like a paper clip or ripped piece of paper that might be in the printer and is responsible for the issue.
  • There could be some kind of mechanical breakdown in the printing machine.

What are the steps to trouble the brother printer error 48?

Well, it does not matter how big is the issue when you can follow the right steps in order to resolve the issue. It becomes quite a simple task when you are aware of the error codes flashing on the screen.

There are some basic steps and guidelines to troubleshoot the issue. It is done by analyzing the current and well as issues that are recurring.

All you need to remember is to keep up some time as well as patience when you are going to troubleshoot the error 48.

Here are some of the troubleshooting steps that you must follow:

  •  There are error codes that can be generated due to blockages and jams which are very common and can easily affect the whole printing operation.
  • The printer can also get an error that is because of the lined print jobs that can sometimes prevent the printers in carrying out a job. In order to troubleshoot it, you need to delete all the jobs in the queue.
  • Sometimes the proper is hanging regularly and it not working which can frustrate you easily. What you need to do is to plug the printer out of the power socket and then leave it for a minute. Connect the power cable again and do it until you are able to solve the issue.
  • Sometimes the issue is in your laptop or your PC when they are not responding correctly. In that case, you need to close all the programs that are running and shut down your system. Repower your device after a while.

After you do this, you are going to see that the connectivity lost will be restored automatically.

  • At times, you are going to find your printer has been lost in the screen and it stops to work and print. What you can do from your side is to select the ‘Add Printer Wizard in order to restore the connection with the printer and carry out the printing jobs.
  • There might be the case where you are facing the driver problems. In this case, you can either update your current drivers or install the new version of it, as required by the upgrade.

Various steps to Fix brother printer error 48:

Step 1: Remove the debris and paper scraps, if any:

  • The first step that you need to follow is to disconnect the printer from the power source.
  • The second is to lift up the scanner and open its cover very carefully.
  • You need to look carefully inside the machine for all the foreign objects or any jammed paper. If you find anything, then you need to remove it carefully.
  • Also, make sure that there is no paper jammed beneath the printer head. If you see that the printer head is positioned in the middle, then you move it to the right of the left side and see whether there are no paper scraps under it.

-If the printer head is on the left side, then follow these tips & tricks:

  • Move the print head to the middle gently by using your fingers.
  • You need to check and see if there is any jammed paper or objects under the print head, you need to remove them as soon as possible.
  • After it is removed, close the scanner cover and connect your printer back with the power outlet.
  • Also, make sure that the error is only going to vanish when the encoder strip is cleaned.

-If the printer head is on the right side, Then follow these steps:

  • Make sure that the printer cord is connected to the power outlet. Once it is connected, the printer LCD is going to show the message that the ‘Cover is open’.
  • You need to keep pressing the Exit/Stop button for 5 minutes approx. this is done in order to move the printhead right in the middle.
  • After it reaches the middle, you need to disconnect the machine from the power outlet.
  • Below the printhead, see that if there is no foreign object or any piece of paper.
  • You can use the tweezers to remove all the scrap paper successfully.
  • After removing the paper, close the scanner and connect it back with the power outlet.
  • Although, you are just one step away from removing the Brother printer error 48

Step 2: Clean off the encoder strip:

  • It is necessary to disconnect the brother printer from the power source.
  • After that, you need to lift the scanner cover using the plastic tabs. Hold it till the machine is not locked securely into the open position.
  • There is going to be a transparent plastic strip that is going to be the encoding strip. It is in front of the white vinyl band.
  • You need to use the piece of dry cloth in order to clean both sides of the encoder strip.
  • You need to clean the encoder strip from left to right in order.
  • Repeat these steps to clean the encoder strip perfectly.
  • Close the cover of the scanner followed by the process of cleaning. After that connect the printer machine back to the power source.


After the printer starts working, make sure that the printers as well its buttons are working perfectly. Also, press the print command and check the print quality.

If the print commands are going to run successfully then the error has been resolved. If anytime the Brother Printer Offline error shows, then follow the whole process again.

If you are still unable to resolve the error, then get in touch with the brother printer service providers.