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Targeting Your Audience With An Appealing Animated Video

Targeting Your Audience With An Appealing Animated Video

Technology is advancing at a fast pace. Things that were important or trending last year are no more in sight. There’s a huge influx of new technologies and gadgets in the market that is continuously changing the people’s perceptions. As the technology is changing so are the preferences of the audience.

Nowadays, people spend a lot of time looking at their screens. Books are a thing of the past. In the 90’s, magazines and television were all the rage. Now people have turned to the tablets and mobiles to whet their voracious appetite.

Even if you have a presence in the online world, it can be very difficult to make your brand stand out amid the sheer magnitude of noise. There are literally millions of businesses vying for the viewers’ attention for their billions of products and services. Many businesses and marketers face this problem on a daily basis.


No need to worry. There is still a lot you can do to make your brand memorable to the people. Recent surveys and statistics clearly state that if you have a high quality video, you can still beat the competition.

According to the recent statistics:

  • A huge number of businesses are satisfied with their video marketing ROI.
  • 21% more businesses are engaging in video marketing in 2019.
  • 62% of business owners stated that video content is either “very important” or “extremely important” for their 2019 marketing campaigns.
  • 80% of queried business owners have invested in animated videos in the past.
  • Nearly 50% of businesses noticed a conversion rate boost of over 15% after using animated videos.


Animated videos have fast become essential for a business’s online marketing strategy to be successful. The reason is that human beings are mostly visual beings. We react to visuals faster and more deeply than any other sensory input. That is because our brains are programmed to process information by using the least possible work. It is a very important concept because that means that our brains accept visual stimuli more than other forms. If brands just remember this point, it could be very beneficial for them. They can build better relationships with their customers and ensure better loyalty from them.


So now that we have understood the importance of a good quality animated video and why it’s so important, let’s look at what constitutes as a good animated video.


A good quality video is one that builds trust in your brand and raises your brand’s credibility in the eyes of the beholder. Brand trust is one of the most important factors in cutting through the noise and standing aloof. It is what makes the customer come back for more. It is what makes the customer prefer your brand over any other even if the other brands are cheaper or offer some discount.


Another factor that highlights the importance of an animated video is that it never tells your brand’s story; it always shows your audience the story. A good quality video animation should always show your customers your authentic nature and what makes you the best. It should highlight your core values and ensure that the viewers’ interest is piqued. This way your brand’s image will improve organically and the customers will feel more attached to it and to you.


A good quality video animation should deliver two extremely beneficial, digital marketing aspects.

First of all, it should be shareable and secondly, it should attract and appeal to a wide audience. When people like your content and share it, it automatically converts into more lead generation and less marketing efforts. This also helps you increase your website traffic and that results in your website’s value increase.


So, now that we know what a high-quality animated video must have and what must it do to the customers in order for them to trust you more, let’s talk about the elements of your video that affect these things.

When you are making your explainer video or any other kind of animated video for your customers, you should keep in mind some basic things.


This is by far, the most important element of the animated video. Like we discussed earlier in the article, it is crucial for your video to connect with the viewers. Because people don’t connect to the videos, they connect to the brands that are behind the videos, they connect to people. That is why you should concentrate on showing your brand’s human side. This will help you inspire loyalty in your potential customers and build a meaningful and real relationship with them.

All of this can be done and more by using the power of storytelling.


The main purpose of your animation is to increase brand awareness in the audience. So you have to replicate the feel of your brand. You do that by replicating the positive emotions in your animation. Make sure that your video truly represents your brand’s identity and it is consistent with your core values and principles.


The colors that you use in your animated video should influence the audience’s attitude and affect their purchase decision. Colors can inspire the same emotions in your video that you want your brand to emulate. If you are a finance company, do not use the colors that represent childish glee or any other emotion. Your video should portray you in a serious tone.


Also include your brand logo in every video to emphasize your brand identity. Your logo is what connects the emotions being inspired by the video to your brand. Otherwise it is just another entertaining video that people will watch and soon forget in the sea of entertaining videos.


Another important factor to consider is the voiceover. This is a major aspect that a lot of companies take for granted. This ensures that their videos never generate the level of loyalty and trust that the brand wants in its audience. Choose an appropriate voice that matches the tone of your brand. This will help you foster trust and familiarity.


The dialogues or the voiceover script is another important factor that can help your customers relate to your brand. Just like all the above factors, make sure that your script matches your brand’s style and attitude. Never use a lot of humor for a brand that wants to inspire seriousness and vice versa. Make sure that your script provides value to your customers and they learn something new and important about your brand. It should be engaging enough to appeal to your audience and build on their trust and interest.


Just because your animated video tells your story doesn’t mean that you should only talk about yourself or your products. Hitting the right balance is essential for a video to connect with the target audience. Your video should aim to serve your customers and fulfil some need.

Make sure that you don’t make the video all about YOU. No one likes a brand that brags.

Make sure that your videos aren’t too long. People’s attention spans aren’t what they used to be. Also, you don’t know how busy they are. Videos should be small enough to be viewed with pleasure. You don’t want your customer to leave in the middle of the video.

Get a professional video animation company to make the videos for you. Your video is an excellent way for you to make your mark in the industry and build trust in the audience. Hire a professional video animation company who knows what it’s doing so that your efforts are not wasted.

Animated videos, if done right, are the best way to your audience’s heart. They establish authenticity of the brand and distinguishes your business from others.