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Top 10 technological innovations of 2019

Top 10 technological innovations of 2019

We are currently living in a technologically advanced era where new technologies keep on entering the market. It is because of the currently available technologies, why we have been able to achieve better effectiveness and efficiency. With the help of new technology, we have been able to become quick and accurate as well. From exploring mars to diving deep down the Mariana Trench, we are using technologies in various ways. Without all the technological innovations, we would have never been able to come so far in the race of advancement, explore so many things and develop new things.

Just like all the previous years, 2019 also has been a year of technology. Many new technological trends emerged during this and some of those technological innovations are going to take over the world in the upcoming future. You should know that the current available technologies are not only advanced but with time, they become economical as well. There were many new technological trends and innovations in the year 2019 and in this blog post, we have enlisted the top 10 technological innovations for all the technological buffs out there.

New wave nuclear power

If you are fanatic about nuclear power, nuclear fusion, and fission then this new technological innovation of 2019 will surely leave you dumbfounded. You should know that advanced fusion and fission reactors have now become a reality in the modern world. Completely new nuclear designs that will make the process cost-effective and safe are now becoming a reality and soon they will become available for use. The generation IV fission reactors is the most promising new-gen nuclear reactor that will change the world of nuclear power in the future.

Robot Dexterity

In 2019, we witnessed robots teaching themselves to handle the physical world and this is one of the biggest achievements in robotics. There is no denial in the fact that industrial robots are still very clumsy but the new age of robots with the power of robot dexterity will morph the age of robotics. A simple robot can easily pick a box from a particular place numerous times without getting bored. But if you will move the box a little bit from its place then it will become difficult for the robot to pick it up. This is where robot dexterity is going to play a key role.

Digital twins

If you are a technological buff then you must have heard about how digital twin dominated the news headlines of technological pages. You should know that the idea of building digital twins for harnessing the advantages of simulation has become the most talked about technological innovation in the industry. But in the farming industry, this technological innovation will matter more than any other industry. Perfect sensors and data gathering innovations permit progressively point-by-point and close reality simulation and it is allowing people involved in food industries to try new strategies. Even the ecological effect of cultivating can be minimized and easily observed.

Predicting preemies

Premature birth can be easily predicted way before it happens simply by doing a simple blood test. Most of our genetic materials live in our cells. But there is a small amount of cell-free DNA and RNA that floats in our blood. In pregnant women, the cell-free material is an alphabet soup of nucleic acid right from the fetus. A very reputed bioengineer at Standford has developed a way to use that in order to tackle the intractable problem of medicine; 1 out of 10 babies being born prematurely.

Gut probe in a pill

The gut probe in a pill is going to be the next big thing in the healthcare industry. You should know that a gut probe in a pill is a small swallowable device that can easily capture the detailed images of the gut. You will not need to take any type of anesthesia in order to use the gut probe in a pill. This new innovation in 2019 that shook the healthcare industry can be used in even children and infants. Environmental enteric dysfunction is one gut diseases that you not have heard of. It is present in most of the poor countries because the main reason behind this disease is malnutrition. By using the gut probe in a pill, this disease can be easily identified and proper medication can be taken in order to avoid any future issues.

Custom cancer vaccines

Cancer is surely one of the deadliest diseases with no cure. But the new custom cancer vaccines invented in 2019 looks like the only hope for humans fighting against cancer. You should know that research is on progress and scientists will soon come up with a commercialized use of this vaccine.

The cow-free burger

You will be surprised to know that now you will be able to enjoy your favorite hamburger with the same taste but it will be cow-free. Many new research and inventions in 2019 has made industry developed meat a reality. You will soon see restaurants selling cow-free burger without compromising on the taste.

Carbon dioxide catches

With pollution reaching to an alarming rate, the new carbon dioxide catcher can trap the excess carbon dioxide from the air and minimize the greenhouse gas. You should know that companies are planning to launch the carbon dioxide catcher on a very big scale in the market.

Wrist ECG

Now you will never have to go to doctor in order to get your ECG report as companies have come up with smart watches incorporated with ECG function. This will prove to be very helpful for people suffering from heart diseases and even for normal people as well.

Sewer less sanitation

The modern energy efficient toilets don’t need any type of sewer to operate properly and this is surely going to take over the market as it will minimize the hectic work of managing sewers.

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