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Jolene Rutherford

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Updating Your Brand for a Fresh Look

Updating Your Brand for a Fresh Look

As time passes and your business changes and evolves, many of its elements also go through certain modifications. Entrepreneurs are ready to alter many features of the business operations but when it comes to the brand itself, they are often reluctant to make any changes.

This hesitation is only natural because they feel they might lose a part of the customer base that respects and admires the brand if certain details that made the brand memorable are altered. However, instead of making drastic changes through rebranding, you can keep your brand’s essence but just give it a little make-over. So, here are a few useful tips to help you come up with a successful brand refreshing strategy.

Check the newest trends

Following all the trends in the digital marketing world is neither possible nor wise but you cannot also be obstinate and do things your own way if you hope to increase your website traffic. The trick is to find the fine balance between the newest demands and your wishes or better yet, how to use those demands to your brand’s advantage.

If you are primarily targeting younger generations, you might need to start leveraging more on animated video because that would make your brand more appealing to them. And besides, we are predominantly visual beings. Also, you may want to associate your brand with AI because that will help you improve your customer support. Lastly, whichever trends you discover, just ensure that they are compatible with your brand identity.

Make sure you are consistent

Your brand visual identity might use a change or two: remember, it is not about completely changing the features that carry the weight of the identity and that people recognize you for, such as a logo. This is why people usually go for a simplified version of the existing logo and a lighter or darker shade of your brand’s memorable colors.

Once you decide on the changes to the visual elements, what’s essential is that you remain consistent. Any items that bear your logo, each illustration, infographic, and brochure need a makeover. Since such an extensive undertaking can be tricky, many entrepreneurs leave it to able hands of digital experts, such as Infostarters, to implement the changes consistently. Outsourcing this portion of the brand refreshing process will eliminate the possibility of an oversight, as well as ensure, via effective collaboration, your satisfaction with the results.

Revise your approach to social media

A presence across different social media channels has become a compulsory element to a successful digital marketing campaign. Your audience ‘speaks’, that is, engages with your brand through the posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., which strengthens your bond with the audience.

If you are looking to tweak something in this area, you should probably look into your social media strategy. Posting randomly will only confuse the users and you will fail to communicate your brand to them which means you are in dire need of a content calendar. Ask yourself whether your social media profiles are aligned with your website, if the styles match, and if you can provide more value to your customers through your social media posts. So, with an optimal social media strategy, you will ensure your brand leverages social media power.

Research your audience

When you are just starting, some notions about your target audience come from a bit of guesswork. That is to be expected but now that you have been in the business for some time, you can get your hands on more accurate pieces of information and use them to refresh your brand. This is because, ultimately, you earn by selling the products to your customers so they are the ones whose opinion needs to matter.

There are different strategies and tools to help you learn more about your current target audience and this research can show you how to appeal to that demographic. Their gender, occupation, geographic location, as well as how they spend their free time, the values they hold in high regard are just some of the elements that might hold a clue to the changes you can implement to your brand refreshing strategy.

Wrapping up

The changes that you introduce needn’t be drastic: you simply need to listen to the demands of the market, your customers, and social media followers and concoct a recipe for a brand make-over. When deciding which features need alteration, it is vital you take your time and think everything through, as well as to pace the implementation.

This last strategy is important because it is what will keep your ‘old’ audience by your side. In addition to that, it is essential to remain consistent so that all changes that you implement are visible on every document, illustration, brochure, infographic, etc. Now that you have a few tricks up your sleeve, it is time to apply yourself to refreshing your brand.