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What is Content Sharing?

What is Content Sharing?

Content is not a standalone tool. Never create content that you don’t believe will drive sharing. In addition to sharing your own content in online directories and on social media, earn shares from readers who find extreme value in what you offer.

The following are key strategies for increasing the shareability of the content you produce:

  • Target Precisely: The more precisely you target prospects with content that addresses their needs and matches their interests, the more likely they are to find value and want to share it with others.
  • Create Emotional Appeals: People are more affected by content that appeals to

emotions, such as love, joy, peace of mind, frustration, anger, guilt and sadness. Consider the emotions common within your targeted prospects, and build content to align or mitigate them.

  • Include Sharing Buttons: Make it easy for readers to share by offering buttons to

top social media and community sharing tools in a prominent location at the top or bottom of your posts. WordPress and other CMS systems have great plugins for automatic sharing buttons.

  • Eliminate Print Options: You typically can’t prevent people from printing your

content, but you can make it less convenient. By eliminating a “Print” button from your posts and content pieces, and offering a “Share by Email” option, you increase sharing and traffic to your site and blog.

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Make People Blush

Expanding on the point about emotional appeals, people are most willing to share content when they have self-interest in doing so. Generate more traffic and garner loyalty by calling positive attention to people and organizations. The following are great strategies for making people blush with your content and motivating them to share it with others:

  • List Articles: “Top 5” articles and other types of lists that highlight companies,

brands and people that succeed in certain areas is sure to appeal to the pride of those featured. Given that these posts reinforce authority and credibility of those brands, sharing your content is a direct benefit to them.

  • Social Media Mentions: After writing your list content, or as standalone mentions,

call attention to your featured people and brands on social media. Doing so alerts them to the feature, and allows simple resharing with their followers. Include a relevant compliment in your social media messages.

Growth Through Subscriptions

The topic of email marketing is discussed in a later blog post, but it is important to consider the role of email communication in retaining visitors and customers. Strategies for converting visitors into subscribers to your newsletter or email communication include:

  • Create a dedicate subscription page
  • Include a subscription form in your sidebar
  • Offer a form and a call-to-action at the bottom of particular content pieces

By getting people on your email subscriber list, you can deliver periodic newsletters or offer precise messages, features and promotional offers to segmented contacts.

Repurposing Content

Because of the time and effort involved in creating great content, you want to maximize its value. Repurposing is the use of existing content to reinforce messages or to reach out to new prospects. You could create an eBook out of selected blog posts about a particular topic, for instance. Including content quotes or brief excerpts in social media posts is common as well.

Additional Content Marketing Tools

The possible tools and channels for extending your content distribution are endless. However, here are a few popular channels and methods for reaching more people:

  • SlideShare & Prezi: These are great presentation sharing tools that allow you

to maximize value from presentation content by sharing it online. Use these to further establish your authority and credibility on key topics. (Presentation Sharing – can include links)

  • Listly: This tool, and others, allow you to create polls, surveys and other fea

tures that enhance engagement.

  • Quora : Think of Quora as a professional’s version of Yahoo! Answers. Com

pany representatives, including CEOs, provide answers to user-submitted questions on various topics. Offer effective, concise answers to questions relevant to your brand and users to further establish credibility, drive traffic with links and promote your brand. Including blog post excerpts in Quora answers, or creating blog posts inspired by them are effective strategies for content repurposing.


A strong content marketing strategy is necessary for a successful marketing strategy. Before you create content, build a thorough plan that identifies your targeted buyer personas, the problems they face, their online journey and the questions they pose to search engines.