Desnav offers an affordable navigation solution for Android, Windows CE (WinCE) & Windows Mobile with the latest NAVTEQ maps for selected countries and regions (currently +60 countries).

Desnav includes many features not found with other navigation software such as a built-in messenger to chat in real-time with your friends (they must also have Desnav installed on their device), live weather forecast for most cities as well as traffic info for selected countries and regions. We offer one free map update per year to ensure that your Desnav has the very latest available maps at no extra charge.

Route calculation and re-calculation is extremely quick. Desnav won't keep you waiting for long while it recalculates your route should you miss a turn in a busy city, recalculations are usually handled within 2-3 seconds! Use the Route Planner and add as many waypoints as you need for the same trip, Desnav will always calculate the best route based on your waypoints.

Map visualization is clear, neat and easy to understand. Desnav allows you to change the colours of your map to suite your personal taste as well as day/night colour profiles (manual or automatic modes available). Desnav also includes Multilanguage voice guidance, lane guidance/assistance, signposts, speed restrictions and various navigation modes (car, pedestrian, helicopter).

GPS & Glonass Ready, Desnav is the perfect solution for your Android (2.1 & higher), Windows CE/Wince (4.2, 5, 6) and Windows Mobile (5 & 6) devices. No matter if you have a brand name or non name-brand device (such as a Chinese GPS PNA/PDA, Car DVD GPS Player etc..), Desnav will guide you through your trip ensuring that you and your family arrive safely and on-time.